Seedrs had record levels of fundraising and investing in 2021

In a year where motivation was sometimes challenging to find, we are again one step closer to becoming the world's largest private equity marketplace. Supporting entrepreneurs at every step of the fundraising process and enabling a wide range of investors to invest in the businesses they believe in.


Total funded deals


Invested into campaigns


Growth in investment


£1M+ campaigns


Funding success rate

Our investor community is more engaged than ever


Individual investments made


The most investments made by a single investor


Investor conversations with entrepreneurs

We've funded top-tier campaigns

Highest percentage funded

724% funded

£7,326,386 raised | 1,910 investors

Most investment raised

£15M raised

£15,029,937 raised |  1,244 investors

Most investors

4172 investors

£6,953,241 raised | 4172 investors

We have accelerated the pursuit of our global vision

As many of you will know by now, we announced the acquisition of Seedrs by Republic, the U.S. based private investment platform, at the end of last year. Together with Republic we aim to build the first global private investment platform. This agreement also includes the capital for Seedrs to turbo-charge our European expansion as both Republic and Seedrs see great potential in Europe as the next key growth market for private equity investment.

Building the biggest private investment marketplace in Europe

The first European IPO

An international community

33 EU businesses funded

Sono Motors, the green car company, went public on the Nasdaq Global Market in November 2021.

We had businesses going live from 16 different countries and investors from 74 countries from all over the world.

We helped raise €40M for EU businesses in 2021 with 15 campaigns over the €1M mark.

Seedrs Secondary Market breaks records

2021 was another big year for secondary transactions in our marketplace growing vs 2020 60% in value, 25% in volume and hitting £8m bringing the total since launch to just shy of £17m. 

Seedrs’ Secondary Marketplace is truly unique and does not include any secondary ‘off market’ transactions or campaigns. The marketplace is where individual shareholders listing their shares for sale connect with other Seedrs users, either existing shareholders or not, to agree the exchange. The scale of the marketplace is unparalleled with a record 563 businesses currently being offered through the service. All of this is made possible due to a number of building blocks that were established, our nominee structure and the ability to hold return on account. With this, we allow smaller shareholders and investors to transact regularly and immediately when our market is open.


In transactions

+60% vs 2020


Profit increase


Share lots

vs 2020

And beyond the Seedrs Secondary Market, 12 of our portfolio companies delivered profitable company-level exits in 2021.

Seedrs still the only private market providing liquidity for all shareholders

Our Secondaries solution has continued to grow in 2021. With over £30m of secondaries between 40k buyers and sellers on the platform, we’ve been able to assist a number of founders with early exits, allowing them to take some hard earned profits whilst maintaining control of their businesses. Month on month we’re developing this feature further, allowing more Secondaries to be listed from an ever growing number of jurisdictions, giving employees, founders, and investors greater liquidity than before. 

With some great businesses in the pipeline for 2022, we’re excited to bring more investment and exit opportunities to our community in the coming months.

Launching our Private Deal Room

In Q3 of this year we launched Private Deal Room, a new area of the platform for High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors to invest in exclusive deals. Since the launch we’ve generated an excellent level of interest, more than doubling active users and featuring exciting new campaigns including a Secondary Share Sale in Impossible Foods and allocations in Plum, Allplants and Oddbox. With this launch, our Angel investor base has continued to grow. We now have a community of over 1000 self-certified Angels and in just 2 months have made more than double the number of angel-entrepreneur introductions than in 2020.



Angel investor increase

Investment growth

Launching VC fund access

In March we made another major step towards democratising early stage venture investing. In an industry first we introduced venture fund LP opportunities onto the platform, starting with a partnership with Passion Capital for its third fund, allowing retail investors to back VC funds for the first time. This innovative collaboration caught the attention of the international press, with features in TechCrunch, Sifted, and many industry publications. Seedrs investors were clearly thrilled by the opportunity to invest in Passion, which hit the £1m investment target in just 20 minutes, and closed 217% overfunded.

Since Passion Capital’s raise investors have also been able to invest in Zinc’s £33m second fund and JamJar's £100m Challenger Brand Seed Fund II, the first nine-figure venture deal to be executed on the platform. With some incredible venture capital partners already lined up for Q1 2022, Seedrs Investors can expect some exciting investment opportunities coming soon.

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We plant a tree for every successful raise

Success is defined by the number of people you can help. At Seedrs we feel very lucky to be able to provide a service that democratises investment and allows entrepreneurs to grow their community and business. However it is important to think further than this, which is why we support Ripple Africa. This amazing charity is inspiring communities to achieve a sustainable future by providing a hand up not a hand out. Along with other initiatives like fish and forest conservation, they have helped communities plant 17 million trees since 2014. For every funded deal on Seedrs, we donate a tree, helping families to grow their own food and income independently. We have now donated 1552 trees and it’s climbing weekly!

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